Partial List

Arizona: Mojave County Courthouse - Kingman
California: Citizen’s National Bank and Merchants National Bank - Los Angeles
  City Hall and St. Francis Hotel-San Francisco
Colorado: Court House, State Capitol Building, City and County Building, Cheeseman

Memorial, Union Station, Post Office - Denver

  Denver International Airport (Marble Wall)
Idaho: Post Office - Pocatello
Illinois: Telephone Building and Rosehill Mausoleum-Chicago
Indiana: Citizen’s National Bank-Evansville
Iowa: Lind Mausoleum-Plover
Kansas: Court House Post Office-Independence
Louisiana: Commercial National Bank-Shreveport
Massachusetts: Wiedener Memorial-Cambridge
Missouri: Chambers Office Building-Kansas City
  German-American Institute-St. Louis
  Mormon Auditorium-Independence
Montana: Montana Power House-Billings   
  State Capitol Building-Helena
Nebraska: Union Pacific Building, Douglas County Court House and Woodman of
  The World Building-Omaha
New York: Equitable Building and Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York City
Ohio: City Hall and Cuyahoga County Court House-Cleveland
Oklahoma: Tulsa High School and Tulsa County Court House-Tulsa
Oregon: First National Bank-Portland
Rhode Island: Providence County Court House-Providence
South Dakota: Court House-Aberdeen
Tennessee: Commercial Trust and Savings Bank-Memphis
Texas: Union National Bank and Southern Pacific Building-Houston
Utah: State Capitol Building and Union Station-Salt Lake City
Washington: Union Bank-Seattle
Washington DC: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Tomb of the unknown Soldier
Wyoming: Bank Building-Sheridan

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