4 Wheeling and Jeep Trails

CAUTION:  The road between Marble and Crested Butte (CR3 via Schofield Pass) can be treacherous.

The old mining road (circa 1890’s) between Marble and Crystal City, including Lead King Basin and the Devils Punchbowls, ranks among the top 4-wheeling locations in the State of Colorado.  Sections of the road are challenging to even the most experienced drivers. Jeep, ATV and other off-road vehicles frequent the road from May to October. Activities include fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and sightseeing. Please keep in mind you are surrounded by wilderness areas so please stay on the established roadway and pack out what you pack in.

A favorite pastime of locals is telling stories about unfortunate drivers, relying on their GPS or Mapquest routing, who attempt to reach Crested Butte from Marble by County Road 3 over Schofield Pass. This is a bad plan inn any season, and the tow truck bill may exceed the value of your vehicle. Don't become a subject of our local folklore.

Rent an ATV (RPS ATV Rentals)
or take a Jeep tour (Crystal River Jeep Tours)
And get a map! For a map of the trail go here:http://www.smithfamilycolorado.com/CRJT/Graphics/Route.htm